Sunday, October 23, 2011


Get That FEAR out of u & stand up 4 ur people!!! Who r u 2 not die 4 ur people!! Who am i 2 not die 4 my people!! If i am shot down or cut down today, who is little Elijah Muhammad to 20 million of u!! If a million of us throw ourselves in the fire for the benefit of the 20 milion, the loss will be small compared 2 the great gain our people will make as a result of that sacrifice...Hundreds of thousands of Muslims gave their lives in Pakistan to get their nations independence. THEY WERE SUCCESSFUL!!..The blkmn in Africa is fighting & dying today in unity 4 their indepence.. WE SIT HERE LIKE PAMPERED BABIES!!.. We cant even stand up on the floor, not to mention taking a chance of crawling out the door..We r 2 busy shedding blood of ourselves..we are willing 2 shed all of it 4 the benefit of others.. Im not trying 2 get u 2 fight. thats not neccesary; OUR UNITY WILL WIN THE BATTLE!!..NOT 1 OF US WILL HAVE 2 RAISE A SWORD..NOT 1 GUN WOULD WE NEED 2 FIRE..THE GREAT CANNON WE NEED 2 FIRE IS OUR UNITY!! OUR UNITY IS THE BEST..WHY ARE U AFRAID 2 UNITE??? WHY ARE U AFRAID 2 ACCEPT ALLAH & ISLAM??....MESSENGER OF ALLAH
 — withSandra R. Muhammad.

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